Casa Dominique, Charming guest house in Lanzarote

Casa Dominique on the Famara cliff

Situation of Casa Dominique in lanzarote

Casa Dominique (Lanzarote), a 10-acre seafront estate with a central farmhouse dining area, a swimming pool and three simple, elegant whitewashed villas staring out across the Atlantic towards Graciosa island and the stunning Famara cliffs

Casa Dominique - room on the exterior

Three simple, elegant whitewashed villas

Three double rooms in independant Canarian-style bungalow, in a 35.000m2 property, a couple of minutes away from the San Juan Beach and the fishing village, Caleta de Famara, in the midst of the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park, at the seafront, with direct access to the sea. Each bungalow has a bedroom, a salon with direct sea view, bath, and 2 terraces . Attractive site and modern comfort: the site is built in the island´s traditional architecture, offering modern comfort and sobriety.

Casa Dominique: the panoramic living room

The panoramic living room

Our living room has large windows that offer a great panoramic view out into the sea, the Graciosa Isle, the Famara Cliffs, with plenty of light filling all its corners. This salon is always open, and our guests can have cold or hot drinks, and a wifi internet connection.

Casa Dominique: the swimming pool

Calm, nature and visits to Lanzarote

Nature lovers can find the key aspects of rural tourism: Tracking through a protected natural area, fishing on the rocks by the sea, discovery of nature, culture and typical food of the Canary Islands.
Those who are sport oriented can also practice nautical activities such as Kitesurf, surf, windsurf or diving.

Air-photo, site of Casa Dominique in the Famara bay

Casa Dominique: Air-photo

Casa Dominique offers to you another formula: Casa Lea .

Casa Dominique and Casa Léa

If you want to be more independant, you can have with Casa Léa, a house full equipped.To visit it, click on the picture or Casa Léa in the menu.

The weather in Lanzarote

Casa Dominique and Casa Léa

Casa Dominique has the great pleasure to be able to offer its guests of walks, or treks, within the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote.

To anticipate or prolong your holidays, Casa Dominique proposes to you :

THE BEST OF CANARIAN RECIPES : The recipe of the day

El Gofio escaldado

Recipe for 2 persons


  • Préparation: immediate
  • Cooking: 5 mn


  • 250g gofio of maize and wheat
  • 1 bunch of mint
  • Some corns of sea salt
  • 1 L fish stock


Put the gofio, mint and sea salt into an oven-proof bowl.Pour the previously strained, boiling hot fish stock into the bowl ans stiras quickly as possible using a wooden spoon to avoid any lumps forming.Gofio escaladado is particularly tasty served with fresh onions and green or red mojo.

Wine of the Day: Bodega La Geria

La vigne de Lanzarote
bodegas La Geria logo

It was built at the end of the 19th century, it is one of the oldest wineries on the island. Located near the small church Ermita de La Caridad, in the heart of the area of La Geria, this is the most important grape and wine-growing area in Lanzarote. Since 1990, their owners have obtained the best from the Muscat and Malvasia grapes to offer a range of high quality wines. This winery has received several awards in regional wine-tasting contests.

bodegas La Geria logo


Dry Malmsey, Semisweet, Sweet, Red, Rosé, Wine of Moscatel Liquor.s


400 000 litres

Openning hours

09.00to 18.00 hours every day.

Bodega La Geria S.L., Ctra La Geria km 19, 35570 Yaiza. Tel: 0034 928 17 31 78,

Jameos Festival, música electrónica en Jameos del Agua.

Del 21 de junio al 09 de agosto.

  • Regresa el evento musical del verano, en el mejor escenario natural posible, los Jameos del Agua, en Haría, durante los meses de junio, julio y agosto; un elenco de estrellas de la música electrónica con el objetivo de superar el éxito de un espectáculo que ya sorprendió el pasado año.
  • - 21 de Junio: Marc Marzeni, Aböri, Mönster.
  • - 19 de Julio: Microtraum, Dj Sinkro is death, Alkalino Rodríguez.
  • - 9 de Agosto: Cora Novoa, Stricky Doom & Dr. Freud, Jyetur.
  • Las sesiones están previstas para dar inicio a las 22:30 horas hasta las 04:30 horas y los precios para cada sesión tendrán un precio de 25 euros para residentes y 35 euros para no residentes. Sólo se pondrán a la venta 150 entradas para residentes en cada cita. El aforo total es de 450 personas.

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